Meet the Artist



Sr. Makeup Artist

Quick Facts: Tanya was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. as part of an au pair program. While working as an au pair, Tanya met her husband. Together, they have a little Frenchie, @bamathefrenchie, who is their world!

Beauty Background: Tanya was 12 years old when she first picked up a makeup brush. At 15, her makeup instructor recommended her to a makeup brand in Mexico called “Goc Makeup,” where she worked for three years. Afterward, she moved to Mexico City to work for Bobbi Brown and several other big-name brands. Tanya eventually began freelancing and attending various events like Mexico Fashion Week. She has been working as a professional makeup artist for over a decade now and connected with Ana B. via Instagram after moving to the U.S.

Favorite Makeup Product: Concealer, liquid eye-liner

Favorite Hair Product: Argan oil

Favorite Beauty Hack: I remove my waterproof mascara with baby Vaseline! It always works!

From the Artist: “I love my career! I feel blessed and fortunate to be able to do something for a living that brings me so much joy and a sense of fulfillment. I love to make my clients happy and to make them feel secure, beautiful, and empowered!”



  • "I must say Tanya made me look elegant, classy, royal, and much much more. The makeup was just perfect. She is a gem, we loved her."
    Iram M.
  • "I was SO SO happy with the way my makeup turned out! I absolutely loved it! I was nervous because I never really get my hair and makeup done but I LOVED IT! I really liked the way both my makeup was done and I really don't think I could have gone better. Normally I always fix things when I get home but I didn't touch a thing!"
    Ashley P.
  • "Tanya was awesome and totally nailed the look we were going for. We were very happy with her. She was early, efficient, and nailed the look! What not to love, nothing! Great work! I would highly recommend you to others!"
    Stephanie F.
  • "Tanya was amazing!! She was on time, professional, and made me feel very comfortable. I was pleased with how fast she knocked out my makeup because I needed the extra time to get to my photoshoot. Thank you so much for all your help!"
    Kristina G.