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Behind The Face is a podcast for women to discuss business and entrepreneurship with a dash of beauty. Our goal is to create a space for an open, honest discussion on women’s empowerment and learning how to keep yourself open to life’s little “sparks”. We dive into stories of struggle, inspiration, and motivation that make up the path to success — It’s like chatting with your most boss girlfriends and getting the lowdown on what it took to really get there.

Join us each week for a fun and insightful conversation with powerful women, the journeys they took to own their successes, and the beauty tips that make them feel their most confident self. Behind the Face is hosted and created by Ana B with producer and audio mixer Julia at MAB studios in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

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Who is Ana B?




Ana B is the host and creator of Behind The Face. She is the founder of MAB Artistry, a team that now includes over 35 artists and a beautiful studio in the heart of Tysons Corner, VA. Ana began her journey as a freelance makeup artist in 2012 after working for MAC Cosmetics as a retail artist.

Being raised in a Latino home, Ana B is especially passionate about inspiring other minority women to break out of the work rut and pursue a life of passion and entrepreneurship.

She currently resides in Ashburn, VA with her husband of 18 years and her three boys.


Julia is a Northern Virginia native and the producer & audio editor of Behind The Face, her first published podcast. She has an undergraduate degree in Media Studies from the University of Virginia, where she is currently a Master’s student in the same program.

She also holds a longtime obsession with podcasts — ever since she first heard Sarah Koenig’s Serial.

Julia is passionately interested in the relationship between social media use and its effects on eating disorders. She’s also currently researching TikTok and Twitter as a tool for community activism.


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