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Senior Makeup Artist

Quick Facts: Shenoa is a true artist and a lover of all things creative. When she's not doing makeup, she's enjoying the outdoors with her hubby and her dog, Ella in her local Alexandria.

Beauty Background: Shenoa's passion for makeup began with a love of art and painting. She went to Art and Design school, and was always into painting faces (portraits, quite literally!). Her love of texture and color also played an important role in her pursuit of makeup artistry. Shenoa later landed as a senior artist and trainer for Sephora an eventually made her way to MAB!

Fave Beauty Product: "Do I have to pick just one!? I would have to say highlighter, I LOVE a good healthy glow." 🙂

Fave Drugstore Beauty Product: Drugstore mascara is the best!!

Fave Beauty Hack: Putting a tissue over your lips and then dabbing a bit of translucent powder over top to mattify any type of lipstick (also for staying power!)

Celebrity Crush: It's a tie between Tim Chung & Cristiano Ronaldo.

From the artist:"I do this because I love the confidence it gives people. Truly, the best feeling is when someone looks in the mirror and absolutely loves what they see!! I love to be a part of that."

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